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Wedding Audio Guestbook

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How It Works

  1. Your guests pick up the receiver and listen to your personalised pre-recorded host message.
  2. After the BEEP they can start recording their message… song or rap.
  3. After they have finished they simply return the receiver back on its cradle. The recording is then safely stored.
  4. After the event we will retrieve all of the recording from the night, for you to cherish forever!

Wedding Audio Guestbook

Introducing the Wedding Audio Guestbook - the perfect way to capture the memories and messages from your guests on your special day. Instead of a traditional paper guestbook, the Wedding Audio Guestbook allows your guests to leave personal messages that you can cherish forever.

The process is simple: our team sets up a recording booth at your wedding venue, complete with high-quality microphones and recording equipment. Throughout the evening, guests can visit the booth and record a personal message for the happy couple.

These messages can range from heartfelt well wishes to funny anecdotes and memories shared with the bride and groom. Our team will then edit and compile the recordings into a beautiful keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.

The Wedding Audio Guestbook is a unique and interactive way to capture the memories and sentiments of your loved ones on your special day. Unlike a traditional guestbook, it allows your guests to express themselves freely and leaves you with a beautiful audio memory of your wedding day.

Not only is the Wedding Audio Guestbook a wonderful keepsake for the bride and groom, but it can also be a great way to involve your guests in the wedding experience. It is a fun and interactive activity that can add a special touch to your celebration.

Our team is dedicated to providing a high-quality and professional service, ensuring that your Wedding Audio Guestbook is a beautiful and memorable addition to your wedding day. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help capture the memories of your special day in a unique and meaningful way.


Do we need a phone line?

No, just a standard 110v outlet.

Can I unplug and move the Audio Guest Book to another location?

Yes! Just leave for 1 min after it’s plugged into the new location to warm back up! ":)

Is there a limit on how many recordings the Audio Guest Book can hold?

No record away!

Where should I put the Audio Guest Book at my venue?

As a rule of thumb…we recommend placing the Audio Guest Book in a location you could comfortably have a phone conversation.