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Historic Forsyth Park Engagement Portraits | Connell & Jessica | Savannah, Georgia

Tell me where and when did you first actually met (from your point of view!)

I was serving at Buffalo Wild Wings at the time, met him at the bar didn’t really want to talk to him but for some reason I went back.

Tell me about your first date. Where? When? What did you feel?

Sam Sneads. June 23, 2017. Was nothing but a gentleman. Made me laugh until the end. I’m kind of stubborn, I liked him but I still didn’t want to give him a chance.. lol but a couple months later I found myself still thinking about him. Texted him and been inseparable every since!

When do you celebrate your dating anniversary?


When did you know that your fiancé was the one? Details please!

I knew when he would do literally anything for me, very consistent. He drove all the way to Statesboro to fix my car, I was having a horrible day. We went out to eat after. And she stayed with me the whole night and went back to Savannah at 4am to go to work.

When did you get engaged?


Tell me about the proposal (from your point of view). Details please!

I just finished my real estate class. He said we are going to have a get-together at the house. First off, it was like 40+ ppl in our house! But he made a speech about my accomplishments, his family gave me a rose (12) then was on one knee. It was beautiful and speechless

Tell me about the best date you and your fiancé have ever had (other than the proposal).

Key West! Best day/date ever

What are three things, not including your fiancé that you cannot live without?

My mom, food, and lashes

What do you and your fiancé like to do together for fun? Watch sports? Drink coffee? Play games? Cook? Movies? Work out? Etc.

Vacation, eat, cook, festivals, watch movies

If you could go on a date with your fiancé  anywhere in the world, do anything you wanted, for any amount of money, what would you do (and where)?

Seychelles, Africa

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Savannah, GA WEDDING & LIFESTYLE Photographer 

My friends and clients say I’m a kind, patient, courteous, creative, and caring person. It’s a lofty description to live up to and, I’ll be honest, some days I don’t think I hit the mark. I’m only human, but I try. I go to work everyday to create your perfect story, just the way you want it, so you can look back years from now and remember things as if they were happening right now.

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