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I’m Rodney K. Gary, a wedding, lifestyle and branding photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. When I’m not photographing awesome couples and families, you can most likely find me enjoying white chocolate mocha coffee (with almond milk), a kit-kat candy bar or writing the blog post below that you enjoy.

Forsyth Park Fountain | Savannah Wedding Photographer | Sean and Alejandra

There was a lot of conversations that went into planning Sean and Alejandra’s elopement to Savannah, Georgia.

Sean would always share with me that no matter what we capture make SURE that you get the Spanish moss in the photo. Then said, “Oh, yeah and the live oak trees too.”

I met Sean first at Forsyth Park and we captured some great shots of him and his groom mans as we patiently awaited for Alejandra to arrive.

Once Alejandra arrived it was an amazing ceremony with tons of emotions. As the parents looked on you could see the tears begin to roll down.

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