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I tried to pretend I was you for a week

I tried to be YOU this week…

Whew! I have made it to Friday. What a week it has been including some very long nights of coffee and Kit-Kat’s.

I had to do it and put MYSELF in your shoes and I became a CLIENT. I wanted to see what you see on your end and how the flow worked for you. I was SHOCKED!

I see that your photography experience times and location were hard to find, invoices where limited, selecting favorites was tough, downloading images was horrible and many more small things I saw.

I was frustrated on my end so I can imagine how you felt. I had to fix this IMMEDIATELY!

Well I DID!!!

I’m Completely Moving ALL IMAGES (yeah again) and we have a NEW CLIENT System (actually old but new to you).

I will be working from most recent to oldest images first over the next month to move over and current client accesses will be updating first.

If you need images or access faster, email me back!

Have an Amazing Weekend Everyone and drink more water along with coffee.

Rodney K. Gary

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Savannah, GA WEDDING & LIFESTYLE Photographer 

My friends and clients say I’m a kind, patient, courteous, creative, and caring person. It’s a lofty description to live up to and, I’ll be honest, some days I don’t think I hit the mark. I’m only human, but I try. I go to work everyday to create your perfect story, just the way you want it, so you can look back years from now and remember things as if they were happening right now.

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